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In past, people used this code to keep things secret. What they actually did was that the message was written in the immediate cipher text by converting each letter into a series of dots and dashes using the table. To convert the final enciphered text, they converted the 9 possible combinations(of 2 characters each) of the dash, space and dot characters into numbers 1-9 and the series of dots and dashes of the intermediate cipher text was converted to a series of numbers using it .During the World War 2, a soldier intercepted the code: 412214223112 and with the help from his country's intelligence bureau he got further information (which is not sufficient). The document he got from the intelligence says: "THE MESSAGE CONTAINS ONLY ONE SPACE ESSENTIALLY DIVIDING IT INTO TWO WORDS OF 6 AND 3 LETTERS, RESPECTIVELY. SOME PARTS OF THE FIRST WORD ARE "B__C" (FIRST LETTER IS B, THEN 4 LETTERS, AND THEN THE LAST IS C) AND THE LAST LETTER OF THE SECOND WORD IS "A". Help him decrypt the code!!!!!! Everyone please try this.

Note by Anshul Agarwal
4 years, 1 month ago

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Sorry, the jpeg file is not coming. How to put that???????? Anshul Agarwal · 4 years, 1 month ago

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