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Natural phenomenon(The process of rain)

Let us begin with the water on the ground or any kinds of surface,as everyone knows that water will evaporate in any situation but why it evaporates?Firstly,when the sun casts a deep red glow to the earth,it is not only just emits light but heat too.It(the molecules inside the water)absorb the heat and increase the kinetic energy.As the kinetic energy increases consecutively,the molecules in the water will tremble even harder until it reaches a state where it's speed too fast for the magnetic power to attract the molecules and that's why some of the molecules manage to escape from the magnetic area and increase the volume(space between the molecules),according to the concept of density,when the volume increases,it means the mass decreases and that's why the water on the surface(liquid state) changes into gas form(water vapor) and floats to the sky(the mass of the water vapor is lighter than the air).As the water vapor reaches high above the sky(low temperature).. An atmosphere is more likely to be retained if the gravity is high and the atmosphere's temperature is low.That's why when the water vapor reaches the sky,it releases heat and changes itself into the original form(water droplets) but the water droplets don't descend to the earth immediately but it is accumulating in the cumulonimbus clouds until it is too heavy(grey hue clouds) and due to high gravity, it falls to the ground.Now the question that I'm wondering is,how many water droplets that are needed for the clouds to releases out water droplets to the ground?

Note by Frankie Fook
2 years, 6 months ago

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