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Need Help

Hi..I am Sushmita from India. My weakest topic is Combinatorics. I get confused when to multiply and when to add the combinations. But I want to learn it badly.I want to be the best at at it. Please help!!

Note by Sushmita Gangalapadu
4 years ago

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Hi Sushmita,

It's great that you want to be the best at combinatorics, and are eager to learn it. You can start by reading up on our Techniques page, and in particular the Rule of Sum and Rule of Product page.

All the best!

Calvin Lin Staff - 4 years ago

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Hi Sushmita

Since you are from Mumbai, Maharashtra, i would suggest you to buy 11th standard textbook of state board.

Name is:

Mathematics & Statistics (Arts & Science) Standard XI by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education

Chapter 5 is Permuatations and Combinations

Article 5.2 explains "Fundamental Principle of Counting" which deals with Principle of addition and principle of multiplication ... followed by simple and interesting solved and unsolved examples. (u van't rely on correctness of each & every given answer though)

I am sure you ll enjoy it. All the best!

Piyushkumar Palan - 4 years ago

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I have been in a similar position and the best way I found to learn is by working through many problems, discussing solutions with the community, and practicing as much as possible. If you have any specific questions, you should post notes about them and you will find many people here to help. Happy Problem Solving!

Sarah Williams - 4 years ago

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