ORBITS within the nucleus!

I am not joking. It took hours for me to crack this out. The protons in the nucleus move with certain velocity from heisenberg's uncertainty statement. The nucleus is spherical(not exact. But approximately). Any particle which moves inside a sphere, will be in circular motion(Due to the presence of a fixed reference center). The protons (also other nucleons) will be in Simple Harmonic Motion. We know that any simple harmonic motion is a projection of uniform circular motion. Thus, nucleons will be, for sure, in circular motion. This may lead to presence of orbits in the nucleus. If I went wrong in my explanation, please correct me.

Note by Krishna Havish
4 years, 1 month ago

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Nucleus protons and neutrons cradled in the womb nuclei pro male neu female nu/neutrons womb/wombs hold the females part of the nucleus life 101 X Y genetics protons neutrons genetics plants male seed female seed so all living things carry there own pressence so to speak and essence there life force with atoms we see connection there purposes are to accompany us and maintain balance the way we refer to the presence of an atom or atoms are as charges wave all of which are properties of energy which is a reality and principal of creation among principals of the universe.

Adam LoRee - 2 years, 8 months ago

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