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Physics Woes

Hey, friends , i have a doubt, I am in class Xth and We are studying FORCE experienced by a current carrying conductor in the vicinity of a magnetic field. Our teacher told that for experienced is directly proportional to : F : I(Current) F : L(Length Of the Conductor) But, since we know that R(Resistance) = rho L/A , Thus, it means that R is directly proportional to L , If, R is directly proportional to L, then it means that L is inversely proprtional to I, If L is inversely proportional to I. And I is directly porportional to F. Then L should be inversely proportional to F. But it's not true or it is not given. Then.. can anyone plzzz explain or crrct my doubt..

Note by Aßhĩмanyu Singh
4 years ago

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