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Prime-o-phile Numbers!

Find all integers which can be represented as the sum of two primes and difference of two primes. (e.g.- 8=5+3=19-11)

Note by Aaron Jerry Ninan
1 week, 1 day ago

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All even numbers \(\geq 4\); and all odd numbers \(x\) such that \(x-2\) and \(x+2\) both are primes.
(If repetition of primes is allowed) Yatin Khanna · 1 week ago

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@Yatin Khanna Can you please explain how you arrived at the answer. Aaron Jerry Ninan · 1 week ago

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@Aaron Jerry Ninan To be honest; I played a big gamble there.
Whether every positive even integer can be written as sum and difference of two primes is actually an open problem (till my knowledge goes).
While, the second part can be easily seen. As the sum and difference are odd then there must be one odd and one even prime; and since 2 is the only even prime; the result follows. Yatin Khanna · 1 week ago

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