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Propagate Info. Faster than Speed of Light

Hi! Hope you guys are doing good. I was just thinking of something quite strange. Suppose we are sitting on a body B1, which is one light year distant from another body B2. It means that it'd take one year for a photon particle to reach B2 kicking off from B1. But here jumps in a "dilemma"! Let we design a wooden path-board whose length is equal to the distance between B1 and B2. We apply force F at the one side of that board and we get it the very next moment on the other side? Is it so that we've surpassed the speed of light "c"? If not then what is your say on that???

Note by Muhammad Abdullah
4 years, 6 months ago

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Hello,, nice ques by the way ,but the second case wont be true...:/ Reason: the interaction between the particles in the wooden boards will just be like in case of a disturbance through a medium, the wave speed being v=(yB/p)^(1/2)...just like ordinary sound waves..far less than that of light Conclusion: The wave will take a hell lot of time to reach B2 from B1 CHEERS..!! Navjot Singh · 4 years, 6 months ago

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According to me you can feel the force the very same instance but you won't be able to pass any information this way.

The force is felt the very same time only because the plank is a rigid body. And the wooden plank won't compress hence the force is felt the very same time. On the other hand information would be passed with a wave travelling through the plank that wud take time like any other wave. Saurabh Dubey · 4 years, 6 months ago

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