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Rating problem

My level is not increasing in combinatorics .It is still level 1 even after solving level 3 problem? And in Algebra my level has decreased from 5 to 4. Why is this happening

Note by Gulshan Sharma
3 years ago

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Ratings do not increase very soon! You have solved only a very few number of problems. You must solve a minimum of 10-11 problems of level 2 or 3 rating to get to level 2 in combinatorics. Hope this helped! Krishna Ar · 3 years ago

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@Krishna Ar and why has my level decreased from 5 to 4 in algebra ?? Gulshan Sharma · 3 years ago

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@Gulshan Sharma Have you got some problem in algebra wrong or tried many incorrect answers ( I mean where there are 3 tries), then your ratings'ld have decreased.

Hoping to help you

@Arya Samanta :) Arya Samanta · 3 years ago

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