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Why is it that for problem 1 and 4 in level 3 Geometry that they are essentially the same problem?

[Clarification: Note that not everyone receives the problems in the same order, or must have received these problems. We are referring to [chord in a semicircle](https://brilliant.org/i/3Knb5M/) and [four points on a semicircle](https://brilliant.org/i/lhsb38/). - Calvin]

Note by Alan Liang
4 years ago

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The ratios are different. In the 1st problem, the ratio is \( 1: 2\), which allows for a 1 line solution.

In the 4th problem, you're asked to consider the more general case, where I used a ratio of \( 1: 4\). Of course, you can use the same generalized approach to solve the first problem. Calvin Lin Staff · 4 years ago

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no..they are slightly different..observe carefully.. Nishanth Hegde · 4 years ago

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@Nishanth Hegde Hmm well I used exactly the same methods to solve them Alan Liang · 4 years ago

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I got chord in a semicircle in level 2 geometry,and it was a 40-pt question.Why? Tan Li Xuan · 4 years ago

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This is also the same as this question: https://brilliant.org/i/IRMRjd/ Ryan Soedjak · 4 years ago

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how are they same? Saurabh Dubey · 4 years ago

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Strange....................... :) Zi Song Yeoh · 4 years ago

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