Simple Alkane Nomenclature!

So the core of organic chemistry (on a basic level) is naming the compounds!

So, first of all, we will be looking at some types of alkanes. I hope you're reasonably familiar with what this represents. Alkane Alkane.

And the first question you should be asking is how many carbons are there? Just as a review, the endpoint of every line represents a carbon. \Rightarrow Six Carbons Six Carbons

And so, we have six carbons and all single bonds, and now... you are ready to name this molecule!

Before I name this, I'll give you some of the prefixes.

If you have... 1 Carbon \Rightarrow the prefix is Meth.

2 Carbons \Rightarrow Eth.

3 Carbons \Rightarrow Prop.

4 Carbons \Rightarrow But.

and after 5, it kinda becomes easier.

5 Carbons \Rightarrow Pent.

6 Carbons \Rightarrow Hex.

7 Carbons \Rightarrow Hept.

8 Carbons \Rightarrow Oct.

9 Carbons \Rightarrow Non.

10 Carbons \Rightarrow Dec.

And just for the sake of curiosity, I will go up to 20.

11 Carbons \Rightarrow Undec.

12 Carbons \Rightarrow Dodec.

13 Carbons \Rightarrow Tridec.

14 Carbons \Rightarrow Tetradec.

15 Carbons \Rightarrow Pentadec.

16 Carbons \Rightarrow Hexadec.

17 Carbons \Rightarrow Heptadec.

18 Carbons \Rightarrow Octadec.

19 Carbons \Rightarrow Nonadec.

20 Carbons \Rightarrow Icos. Twenty is a bit different but there it is.

So, if there are no double bonds or triple bonds etc. Also, just carbons and hydrogen, so no oxygen or whatever else. THEN we're dealing with an alkane.

Now, you have 6 carbons all in a single bond \Rightarrow Take the hex for six and because this is an alkane, we take the -ane from alkane.

And we get, hexane!

Hopefully, you found that interesting. Although, this is just the basics of the nomenclature that IUPAC came up with.

^^ Hope you enjoy reading this!

Note by Vishnuram Leonardodavinci
6 years ago

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These are really good introductory posts. Good work.

Anish Puthuraya - 6 years ago

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Thank you. ^^

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Very informative introductory post.

Soham Dibyachintan - 6 years ago

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Nice! It seems I am interested to post some of my notes too for chemistry.

Nice Work Vishnuram ! Keep It Up.

(And thanx for you considered my comment for nomenclature posts)

Priyansh Sangule - 6 years ago

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Thank you! ^^

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Hoping more .........

Fatin Farhan - 6 years ago

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Yeah, haha. I'll do a bit more of alkane nomenclature before going onto other functional groups. ^^ Maybe some problems too. X'D

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WAiting for the problems.

Soham Dibyachintan - 6 years ago

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how to remember functional group???

Archit Murkunde - 6 years ago

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A lot of practice will help you memorize the functional groups :D . That's what I did !

Priyansh Sangule - 6 years ago

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Hahah, yes, I suppose.

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hmm....ya that the only way i think..thnx

Archit Murkunde - 6 years ago

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nice given prefixx of 10 to 20 thanxx so much sharing the prefix of 20 is icos.................

Ashutosh Kumar - 5 years, 2 months ago

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pls mention me in ur posts....

Swaroop M. - 4 years, 11 months ago

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