CodeChef SnackDown 2017

Hey Brilliants, today I bring up the good news of CodeChef's biggest online programming competition SnackDown 2017. Sorry that I've been too late to let you know, as the Qualifier round starts tomorrow, 20th May. But you can register until 24th May!. So I wish I could describe the competition informally (which I always love to do), but as the clock is ticking like the pro, I'll just go with the official announcement along with some quick facts to provide you with an intro and let you explore the rest yourself. ------------------------------- SnackDown is a multi round programming competition open to anyone with a knack for programming. Hosted by CodeChef, the competition was started in the year 2009.

The aim with SnackDown is to pit the finest computer programming brains from different parts of the globe against each other, under one roof in India. SnackDown also provides a unique opportunity for the top programmers of the world to get a flavour of India and at the same time let the Indian programmers meet top global programmers in flesh and bones.

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The competition is open to everyone including the middle and high school students as well as working professionals, virtually having no formal eligibility criteria. Also, SnackDown 2017 isn't restricted to team participation only. Which means, "You can perform solo in this year's SnackDown!

SnackDown had a humble beginning with the inaugural edition of SnackDown witnessing participation from 639 teams of 3 members each taking part in the competition. Since then the contest has grown by leaps and bounds, with every subsequent edition triumphing its precursor. Today, SnackDown is being considered to be one of the most coveted onsite competitive programming titles across the globe.

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If you can code, you can compete in SnackDown. If you are an aspiring programmer or know someone who is, we would like to see you compete. Join CodeChef and take the first plunge towards having fun with the best programmers out there.

If you have any queries regarding SnackDown, you can always reach us at:


# Grand Finale

Global Cash Prizes: 1st Prize: $10,000 2nd Prize: $5,000 3rd Prize: $3,000

Best School Team: $500

Best All Girls Team* $500

Best Indian Team* $2000

  • To be eligible to claim this prize, the teams must be in top 20 in the overall onsite rankings.

# Elimination Round

Top 300 Teams In the Elimination Round will get a cool SnackDown  t-shirt.

Every team member of the qualifying teams for the elimination round will get a domain name from Radix registry.

# Certificate of Participation

All the teams advancing from the Qualifiers to further rounds will receive a digital certificate of Participation from CodeChef.


14 APRIL Friday - 24 MAY Wednesday

Online Registration: Register in a team of up to 2 members to take part in the online qualifiers.

20 MAY Saturday 5:00pm IST - 24 MAY Wednesday 5:00pm IST

Online Qualifier: Duration: 4 days Teams solving at least one problem will advance to pre-elimination round. 

27 MAY Saturday 9:00pm IST - 28 MAY Sunday 9:00pm IST

Online Pre-Elimination Round-A: Duration: 24 hours Teams under top 1000 ranks will advance to the elimination round. 

31 MAY Wednesday 9:00pm IST - 1 JUNE Thursday 9:00pm IST

Online Pre-Elimination Round-B: Duration: 24 hours Teams within top 1000 ranks will advance to the elimination round. Note: Teams who have qualified for Elimination from Round A, will not be allowed to take part. 

3 JUNE Saturday 7:30pm to  12:30am IST

Online Elimination: Duration: 5 hours 57 teams will be invited for the onsite finale. Details about how teams progress for finals can be found here. 

1 JULY Saturday - To be declared

Onsite Finale: Duration: 5 hours Onsite Finalists will be competing for the Ultimate SnackDown 2017 Champion Title!


  1. The contest is open to anyone with a knack for programming. It is a team contest with each team having a maximum of two members.

  2. Unlike the previous years, participants from different organisations/institutes will be allowed to form teams.

  3. Teams will be ranked as per the number of problems solved. The qualification & pre-elimination rounds will use score based ranking system.

  4. The elimination & final round will use ACM styled ranking system. The contest will consist of multiple rounds, with teams progressing in every round.

  5. The problem statements will be available in four different languages: English, Mandarin, Russian and Vietnamese.

Detailed version of the:

Rules & Regulations

Check out the FAQs


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