Sociocybernetics (a Mix of Political and Computer Sciences)

See the definition of sociocybernetics;

Most scientists believe that there are three orders of sociocybernetics. 1. The observed, 2. The observer, and 3. Human actions and computer algorithms which respond to the "data points" of the "mixture" of the first two orders of sociocybernetics.

Sociocybernetics was the focus of the Country of Chile's attempt in 1971 to create a Socialist Government Software;

Mark Zuckerberg privately owns Facebook. Do you believe Facebook is a sociocybernetic entity? It is clear that the internet is unregulated. Do you agree that if one breaks into a bank or changes election results by using a computer with access to the internet, it's not what was done in virtual space that is the subject of the crime, but rather the physical presence and actions of that person in any given non-virtual world nation that triggers his or her investigation and arrest by the appropriate law enforcement agency such as the FBI, Interpol, FinCen, ect? Do you believe a "virtual union" which relegates its existence solely to the internet can be autonomous? Here is what such a "Virtual Global Constitution" could look like.

If you are a Brilliant member; even if, and in fact I'd say mostly if you consider yourself a "Jack of All Trades," our virtual union needs your help to create the world's first Sociocybernetic Virtual Global Union. Why? Because a Jack of All Trades, like myself, is the Master of None. After all, Mr. Stafford Beer, my mentor, was a whisky drinking, cigar smoking, college dropout who made $500 a day in developing Cybersyn, and mentored students who developed early work flow software and made millions.

Contact me to join my team. We'll discuss how block chain technology can be used to create our virtual union issued crypto-currency, the value of which is based on the totality of our union's credibility. Do you see why that would be better than the fiat currencies of all non-virtual world nations? I'll explain how our union would proceed by popular vote only to control our own data-points and what advertisers get to see them, if any at all. I'll explain how our union owned version of Facebook will provide features and services which are free to us, because Facebook's profits would be ours to distribute to those we deem and vote to be needy. If you join, you won't just be helping yourself, you may be the one who helps us save our one and only planet Earth.

Note by Hans Croteau
2 years, 11 months ago

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