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Solution box in new format

I've just submitted a solution to one of the questions with a new solution format, and I found that the box to type in was pretty small, for what was a fairly extensive solution. Culd it be possible to make that box bigger?


John C.

Note by John Chaddock
4 years ago

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You can grab the bottom right corner to increase its size, just like with the box I'm typing my comment in right now. However, I like to preview my solution throughout writing it, but when I go back to the editor, the box is small again, which is a little annoying.

Wouldn't it be possible to make a preview box underneath that automatically updates? Just like on math.se. That would be really helpful. Tim Vermeulen · 4 years ago

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@Tim Vermeulen I didn't realise I could make it bigger! John Chaddock · 4 years ago

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@John Chaddock That's what… oh well. Tim Vermeulen · 4 years ago

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