some suggestions

would you get some definite change into this attracting website to yield more productivity? may add some more books or items in points exchange to make it more beautiful. may add a new system of adding an extra 10/20 points when a boy/girl can complete all the four problems of any three topics in a week.This would make everyone more eager to complete all the problems. may add a new system like facebook that when an user does not want to see anyone's post or think that it is unnecessary in the discussion then he may hide his/her comment only for him but visible to others,this would help him/her to go through only relevant comments made according to him/her. may add a system like wolfram alfa that for a particular discussion you show an option to download the whole page in the form of a pdf so that the useful data can be accessed for offline mode and can be read later. may increase the number of times for which one can post his/her solutions of a challenge question given in a week.Currently it is only staggering 2 but you may increase it to 5 or 6 in a week. may create some tattoo for a boy/girl for the total points awarded by him/her like various websites i.e. a sticker for the profiles having total points under 10,000 or under 20,000 or under 30,000 or something like that would unlock after every step you go forward by achieving more points .This would definitely make everyone more delightful to make a new sticker unlocked.This system you can find in or etc websites.

Hope you would like this new suggestions and make a change in this useful website to make it more attracting and thus appointing more time of students into the website and solving problems.Thanking you for if any comes to be true.

Note by Sayan Chaudhuri
6 years, 9 months ago

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