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Hia everybody! I was wondering what your thoughts are on a 'bookmark' problem button next all problems, potentially also a way to view all solutions instead of a 'featured' one? Many of us, including me, use this website as a great source for problems to practice for math competitions such as the AMC. By allowing us to bookmark certain problems, it will reduce the hassle it takes us to scroll through the 'Past Problems' thread that only gets deeper by week. Furthermore, we will be able to review all ways to do a problem. This is especially helpful to me in Geometry questions, because there are often so many possibilities to solve a problem and I might want to come back to a Mass Points solution, while maybe only a triangle similarity solution was selected to be displayed.

Thoughts, agree/disagree, suggestions? Thanks :)

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Note by Andrew Ying
7 years ago

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I don't know the amount of work it would require to add that feature, but we can always use the bookmarks option in the browsers to bookmark the problems we'd like to refer to in the future. As such, the brilliant staff should only add this feature when they think that they have enough of their time to spare.

Aditya Parson - 7 years ago

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Nice idea....But first of all, Brilliant has to be convinced..

Rohit Nair - 7 years ago

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It must be accepted by Brilliant staff, and whole question must be bookmarked with solution so it might be helpful for future.

Kishan k - 7 years ago

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The bookmark (or favourite) feature has been requested several times before, but it's always good to bring it up. I think the viewing of past problems should be overhauled completely, i.e. presenting the user with a list of weeks, after selecting a week we get the sections, and after selecting a section we get the problems.

Since the new solution submission system was introduced last week, they haven't picked featured solutions (yet), but rather they display a list of all submissions, with the most popular solution on top. So, it might quite well be that we get to see all solutions from now on.

Tim Vermeulen - 7 years ago

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yeah,,it will be of great help,,,by using bookmark,,we can have collection of qustions that troubled us and we can work on it,, Good suggestion Andrew,,,hope the brilliant staffs look into the matter.

Ravi Prakash Roy - 7 years ago

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I really agree about this feature, and improving the viewing-past-problems interface in general. I really want to go back to the problems where I solved a problem non-rigorously or with an assumption so I can see a legitimate solution. Even if I solved it correctly, I would still like to be able to access past problems much easier.

PS: Hi, it's me MSTang!

Michael Tang - 7 years ago

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