The New Breed of Bio technoloy enhanced gadgets

This is a really new wave of technology that's creating a huge uproar in today's world. Faint traces of such tech was there previously of course but not as much as now. Of course we have our own doctors but who doesn't want a really reliable source of info of what exactly is happening in your body system?? Gadgets like the Fitbit series are sensational. Even other tech giants like Nokia Motorola and Samsung are rolling out various new gadgets to track your body system activities. This is really good But the underlying theory of these gadgets is a bit disturbing. They end small 'harmless' current strains into our bodies when they are bound to us like on the wrists. These current strains can track any change in the blood pressure or other such biological activities and immediately announces the data on the screen. This is an overwhelming discovery. The resulting data should be quite close to the original and can be relied upon quite easily. But, you surely must have noticed the double quotes on the word harmless, yes, right that's what I'm saying. The currents can be dangerous and can be harmful too. You probably can't make gadgets work in an error less manner. Moreover after gym workouts, our body release sweat which is dangerous for any gadgets carrying current. I believe these gadgets come with waterproof stuff but overall, I am NOT convinced by this discovery or invention, whatever you call it! Feel free to comment on this topic. I want a discussion please!

Note by Agnibha Sen
7 years, 2 months ago

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This reminded me of this clip I saw earlier.

It's kind of disturbing to me to see humans go that far "for science". And technology in general tracks our lives more than is thought to be safe, so applying it inside our bodies doesn't sounds too happy either.

Justin Wong - 7 years, 2 months ago

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@Justin Wong U are right.... :/

Agnibha Sen - 7 years, 2 months ago

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