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This Mathematical Path We Call Life by Shaun Presley

So check it out, it seems to me

That we all need a reason

Some feasible way to explain the controversy that I'm seein'

Underlying theme, it seems the scheme's embedded in our being

Several of our best minds

Long ago invested time

The signs they spied unwind the mind

Reveal fractals concealed in life

Cognitive strife, is our prerogative

Might just abolish the right to live

Equalities sublime

Take the time, to rewind in this parabola

Perhaps you will find that it's kind of extravagant

The vertex is a perplexing method

Of introspection bet the axis of symmetry

Within we shows me my reflection

Planted deep within our soul's

The sequence, Fibonacci's code

The road we chose spirals out golden

As long as this life we don't goad...

Perfectly rational, 1 to 1.618

This masterful design's divine

I've begun to run into fate

 This Mathematical Path We Call Life by Shaun Presley
      2nd place winner of the 2014 Yuba College Math Poetry Contest

Note by Llewellyn Sterling
2 years, 10 months ago

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