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Sample Olympiad Set


Do you want to practice for an Olympiad? Or perhaps you just got bored and (coincidentally) saw this? Whatever the reason may be, I hope you would try this out!

How it started:

I was recently in at least \(2\) contests this year, excluding my training. I was quite bummed out because I solve problems too slowly. If I do it fast, I will get a ton of careless mistakes. If I do it slow, I wouldn't finish the test in time. So I made these sample tests and I test myself a test every week. This is one of my sample tests just so that you will know how I do things here. Have fun!

More information:

This is like a test I do every week or so. I will collect \(15\) to \(16\) problems ranging from Level \(3\) to Level \(5\) and I will time myself for \(4\) to \(5\) hours. Depending on the difficulty (I can estimate their difficulties by looking at their levels).

Once you are done answering, compile all your answers and solutions. You should not change your answers anymore. Afterwards, input all you answers into the problem in here (Brilliant). In case your answer is wrong, even due to arithmetic errors, that is still considered as a mistake in the test, but you may input another answer in Brilliant after you have re-checked things.

And in case you have answered some problems already, try to shorten the time then. :P

If you would ask why they're problems made by other people, I do that to be fair. Because if that problem was posted by me, then I would already know the answer.

<Edit> I excluded \(B^2\) problems because some of my friends don't have \(B^2\) accounts.

For this test, there will be \(16\) problems and a time limit of \(5\) hours will be given. Good Luck! :D

Note by Sean Ty
3 years, 1 month ago

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Great Idea!

Calvin Lin Staff - 3 years, 1 month ago

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Thank you Mr. Calvin! :D

Sean Ty - 3 years, 1 month ago

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