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To what accuracy does the system accept a decimal OK answer?

Hi, I recently solved this problem within 5% error . It is marked wrong! Please tell the minimum demanded accuracy.

Note by Jatin Yadav
3 years ago

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Our tolerance is set at 2% by default for floating point answers. David Mattingly Staff · 3 years ago

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@David Mattingly To be particular in that problem, we also require the composition of air. I assumed it to be \(N_{2}\) and \(O_{2}\) in 4:1 ratio. The person should also give the values like \(g\), \(R\) and temperature . So, the error was due to my own assumptions. Jatin Yadav · 3 years ago

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Three significant figures are required. Lee Wall · 3 years ago

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I will tell yoy a funny thing. There was once a question in which the probability was asked, you know it will be 0.something. In the answer box, it was written 'decimals OK', so I simply wrote 0 as the answer. I don't know why, but it went wrong! Satvik Golechha · 3 years ago

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