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Can you show how you get the value of \(\large\sqrt{868}\) without a calculator?

Note by Sakib Nazmus
2 weeks, 4 days ago

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You could try expressing it as a continued fraction


\(\begin{align} x&= \sqrt{868}\\ \lfloor{x\rfloor}&=29\\ x^2-29^2&=27\\ (x+29)(x-29)&=27\\ x&=29+\dfrac{27}{(x+29)}\end{align}\)

Substituting for \(x\) repeatedly we get the continued fraction of \(x\),i.e.

\(x=29+\dfrac{27}{58+\dfrac{27}{58+\dfrac{27}{58+\dfrac{27}{58+_\ddots}}}} \)

You could truncate the expression at about 2 or 3 levels and end up with a fairly decent approximation.

Anirudh Sreekumar - 2 weeks, 4 days ago

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