JAYYY THEORY (Rotation of planets) ..

In my mind there are enormous questions about the solar system and planets and galaxies. Like:-

1) How the solar system was formed? 2) Why everything in space is in constant motion? 3) Why all the planets differ in their constituent? 4) Why planets rotate & never stop? 5) Why dont planets loose their energy of revolution? .. & HOW IT ALL STARTED??????

Here I Go

Bilion years ago the universe was not like we see today. It ws not at all a universe, because there were no humans to name it as "universe". Most belive the Big Bang theory for formation of our solar system. I think that there must be a quite impressive reason and here is myTheory#

Universe is infinite space and we dont know actually how big and astonishing it is. Imagine the conditions billion and trillions years ago. The whole free space was full of gases and big rocks of different elements and compounds which roam in zero gravity. Imagine it to be a chemical reaction which give the products as precipitate or gases or solution or crystal substance. It all started like an reaction and went on giving products as different meteoroids and huge balls of space dust. Space dust is the formation of compounds and jotting them together as a massive body.

There are uncountable galaxies in the universe which holds a key to a spectacular secret, not known by any one. If you observe the pics of a galaxy then you will notice that it has billions+ stars and its all glowing like heaven. But I see more than that, the shape of a galaxy is pretty impressive. Its similar to a disc but it is not circular. Why?

In the center of every galaxy there exist a source or energon which is the heart of it. It is the reason why universe is existing. It acts like a magnet which pulls everything around it and gives galaxy a disc shape. At the last shells of the disc or ending shells, due to weakening of magnetic field the ends get scattered. It can be imagined as a big cyclone with magnetic core at the center.

As we know that only a moving charge experiences a force in magnetic field and all the bodies in space are in motion, hence experiences a force. But why everything is in motion in space? Why dont it stop?

Lets memorize law of inertia....which states that "A body will be at rest or in motion unless and until any external unbalanced force is applied"

As I told you that it all started from a reaction of gases and elements, at that moment all the particles gained kinetic energy and started the motion. And in zero gravity, without any resisting forces all the bodies are still in motion and they wont stop unless any collision takes place.

It is said that many meteoroids hit earth, then why it didnt stopped earths revolution? This is answered by the law of conservation of momentum of two particles. When two particles (bodies) collide with each other,its velocity is conserved. But it can so happpen that if a planet rotates from E-W and a meteoroid hits it from opposite direction then it will certainly affect its speed of rotation. Thats why all the planets dont revolve with same velocity and time and in same direction.(most of the planets rotates from W-E, which proves my assumptions)

1thing that I feel uncomfortable is the Centripetal Force. If you tie a rock to the string and rotate it then you will observe that as you increase the speed, the tension on the string also increases. And I observed that if you increase the mass of the stone then also the tension on the string increases. From this we can conclude that "Mass of the object and its velocity is directly proportional to the tension in the String".

Lets come back to the point=> The greater the mass of the planet and greater its velocity, will have a greater centripetal force. As the pressure on the string (which is invisible in case of planets) increases the centripetal force also increases.

What is gravity? We know its 9.8, but what is it?? Our beloved Earth is considered as a big magnet and if so then certainly a magnet has its own magnetic field. And as we go up to the sky and clouds, influence of the magnetic field on every object will be reduced. It is proved that the gravity is high on the surface of the earth and it gradually goes on decreasing as we go higher in the sky. (which proves my assumptions) 《1 thing I wanna tell that=> There exist a magnet which attracts NON-METALS》

# #### #

-Jayesh Mayenkar

Note by Jayesh Mayenkar
6 years, 7 months ago

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