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What if gravity was \(9.8 m s^{-3}\)?

I was thinking about this for a while. Clearly, if gravity was just 9.8m/s (velocity), we would all feel a sudden tug and then infinite weightlessness. But what if gravity turned into jerk?

Would it be possible to fly?

Theoretically, could you jump higher?

How much energy would it take to escape earth's orbit? Could you even escape?

How long until the earth crashed into the sun?

Of course, since gravity would constantly increase, if all other forces stayed the same, we would probably just slowly be crushed ): So assume gravity starts at 0m/s^2 when answering the above problems.

But here's another question. What if ALL forces were in terms of jerk instead of acceleration? What would that look like? Would it simply seem exactly the same as before?

What about if everything went up a derivative?

What if everything except light-speed went up a derivative?

Note by Alex Li
10 months ago

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Did you know that constant acceleration is indistinguishable from being in a gravitational field? If that were not true, then General Relativity would not hold.

Agnishom Chattopadhyay - 10 months ago

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No, but you ruined it :( I'm not asking if it's possible (clearly it's not), I'm asking what it would be like if it were true.

Alex Li - 10 months ago

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If you mean the acceleration of the earth is increasing, with some constant jerk, then first everything on the earth would concentrate itself into a point mass at the center of mass of the earth. Now if your saying all forces would go up a derivative, then first the solar system would converge at its center of mass, then the solar system would converge into some other center of mass of some other system which in turns converges into some other center of mass and this would go on till once again the big bang would be formed from which all started. Maybe, its just a thought. Everything in the universe would converge into the center of mass because it would attain maximu stability and thus least potential energy.

Ashish Siva - 9 months, 4 weeks ago

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Everyone dies! Because, at this rate the jerk would cause an enormous amount of acceleration leading the Earth to become a black hole.

Atomsky Jahid - 9 months, 4 weeks ago

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