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What is the proof for this?

I was learning calculus and it seemed very interesting than Olympiad topics like Algebra, NT, Geometry and Combinatorics.

But I was struck here. I used this relation many times. But I don't know the proof for this. I hovered internet for over four days continuously but can't find it anywhere? Please help me to know the proof for this relation.

Please please make me know about this proof. Atleast please send me the link where I can get the proof for this.

Note by Surya Prakash
1 year ago

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I learnt it from here. Aditya Kumar · 1 year ago

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@Surya Prakash Well, I will ask you first what have you tried. Don't forget the definition of digamma and move on with the proof and I think you'll prove it. Kartik Sharma · 1 year ago

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@Kartik Sharma Hey man u r really awesome at calculus. Where can I contact u? I see u r in our hangouts group but u r inactive there. Aditya Kumar · 1 year ago

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@Kartik Sharma Actually digamma function is defined as

But how can this help to prove digamma function. Surya Prakash · 1 year ago

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