What would a function (formula)

What would a function (formula) of x and y look like in which the result is always 0 if x or y is zero and always infinity if x and y are equal?
Sorry, I can not phrase it better.
So I'm looking for a function (that's what I call a kind of formula I think) in the X and Y occurs. This should work as follows: A result (d) is calculated from the fixed formula. For example, if Y = 0 and X is also zero or any number, d is also equal to 0. If X and Y are equal, the result is always infinite or indefinable. For example, if Y is just a little smaller than X, then the result d is very high. So the closer X and Y get closer, the more d goes to the infinite. But if X is a very high number, Y is an extremely low number, then the result d is also very low, but not zero.
No idea if you can somehow understand what I'm looking for, I'll just ask the question, maybe someone has an idea. So I'm looking help for some formula in which on one side of the equation the result d appears, on the other side some calculation of X and Y, and these are the only variables. And depending on how X and Y change and behave towards each other (see above), the result d changes (see above). Or so ... Sorry ^^

Note by Justin Runyon
1 year ago

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This might be a good starting point:

d=XYXY \large{d = \frac{X Y}{X - Y}}

Steven Chase - 1 year ago

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Thank for help!

justin runyon - 1 year ago

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