Advanced Geometry Puzzles

Flex your skills with some quick and fun advanced geometry puzzles.

Where Are the Holes?

Between the Hexagons

Measuring a Coastline

How Much Can They See?

Cut Exactly in Half

Dimensional Scaling

A Geomagic Square

Not a Pythagorean Triple

Find All the Triangles

Reptile Arrangements

Last Tetromino Wins

Minimize and Maximize

How Hard Is It to Measure a Skyline?

Keep Coloring Forever

Infinite Bullseye

Fractal Dimension

Overlapping Areas

How Much is Covered?

Perimeter from Perimeters?

Cut It Up However You Like

Triangles Around a Pentagon

Square in a Square

Stars and Pentagons

What Is the Sum of the Pink Angles?

Octagons and Squares

Triangles in a Circle

True Both Ways?

What's True of Cyclic Quadrilaterals?

Round the Clock

Triangles on a Lattice

Area de Lunes

Cut Exactly in Half Again

Seeking Chocolate

Which Has More Faces?

It's A Face Off

Prism Puzzle

Ants on a Can

What Shape Is It?

Around and Around, and Around

More Square or More Triangle?

Make the Cube

Hurry to the Honey

Strange Slices

Slice It Up

Triangle + Triangle = Square?

What Is the Sum of These Angles?

Convexity Complexity

Make Them Cross

Are You Absolutely Sure You Found Them All?

There Are More Than Four Triangles!

How Many Are Triangles?

Can You Make This Perfect Shot?

How Many Pieces?

How Do These Shapes Compare?

Koch Snowflakes

How Much Area Is Left?

Only Two Pieces?

Angle Arithmetic

Piece of a Circle

How Long Is This Side?

A Better Fence

Perimeter from Perimeters?

Red or Blue?

Does It Change?

Would You Like a Slice of Donut?

What's Half of a Möbius Strip?

2D meets 3D

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Flex your skills with some quick and fun advanced geometry puzzles.