Classical Mechanics Puzzles

Flex your skills with some quick and fun classical mechanics puzzles.

How Fast Is a Stadium Wave?

Circus Teeterboard Acrobatics

Predict the Speed

Sleepy the Cat

Pull With All Your Might

What's the Safest Way to Rock Climb?

Interplanetary Goo-Ball Games

Catch Me If You Can

Blobs on the Ball

Blasters to the Max

The Sky Is the Limit

How Many Blobs?

Float on the Air

How Do Mammals Dry Off?

Drop by Drop

Water Balloons

Grandma's Special Sauce

Can You Create Gravity in Space?

Before the Light Turns Red

Spring Tug of War

Stop the Car!

How Accurate?

Blobs En Masse

Diving Too Fast in the Vomit Comet

Free Falling

Speeding Up

Piles of Periodicals

Preparing for Takeoff

A Generous Advantage?

A Sloppy Astronaut

Oh Well

Keys' Speed Is the Key

Penguins and Curveballs

Blaster Ball Madness

Cheese or Chocolate?


Perpetual Motion

Can the Free Solo Record be Broken?

How Does a Falling Rocket Remain Upright?

Hoisting Ice Blocks

A Glancing Blow

Driving Late

How High Can You Dive From?

Give It Energy

A Stronger Spring-Pong Launcher

A Newtonian Rocket

It's Rocket Science

Which Way Do the Trade Winds Blow?

Let's Race!

An Impossible Cheese Press

Bulky Blobs

Defining Lift

Does This Short Stack Slide Intact?

Max Q

Higher and Higher

A Sinking Feeling

Catch It!

Balanced Pedaling

Physics of Hooping

Getting to Orbit

If a Tree Falls...

Dragon's High-Speed Maneuver

High Jump

Bouncing Up

Predict the Position

How Far They'll Go

What's the Length of the Ramp?

A Bright Flash

Why Is SpaceX Making a Rocket out of Steel?

Friction on Friction

Spring Practice

Spring Replacement

Otherworldly Acceleration

Top Speed

Speedy the Accelerating Dog

How Much Can We Send To Mars?

Run, Don't Walk

Is This Frozen Pond Safe to Walk On?

Did Someone Deflate This Football?

Can You Sail into the Sun?

A Spring-Loaded Launcher

Tipsy Tomes

Spinning Through Space

Will the Secret Agent Survive This Fall?

Souped-Up Sleigh

Is This Web Strong Enough to Swing On?

The Impossible Heat Engine

Can Your Workout Power Your House?

How Did the Penguin Miss?

Water Jetpack

Loaded Launcher

The Irreversible Happens

Could a Line of Dominoes Knock Down Your House?

Relatively Stacked

Ready for Liftoff

Can Wind-Powered Cars Drive Faster than the Wind?

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Flex your skills with some quick and fun classical mechanics puzzles.