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Revel in the beauty of algebra as you explore complex numbers, fractals, and Euler's formula.

Book 80 Lessons

Course description

This course is for those who want to fully master Algebra with complex numbers at an advanced level.

The prize at the end will be combining your newfound Algebra skills in trigonometry and using complex variables to gain a full understanding of Euler’s identity. Euler's identity combines e, i, pi, 1, and 0 in an elegant and entirely non-obvious way and it is recognized as one of the most beautiful equations in mathematics.

Topics covered

  • Arithmetic with Complex Numbers
  • The Complex Plane
  • Complex Exponents
  • Fractals
  • Function Transformations
  • Complex Number Transformations
  • Composition and Composition Recursion
  • Exponentials and Complex Exponentials
  • Euler's Formula
  • Roots of Unity

Prerequisites and next steps

A thorough understanding of basic algebra is an essential prerequisite for this course.