Geometry Puzzles

Flex your skills with some quick and fun geometry puzzles.

Right and Equal

Lots of Triangles

Hexagon to Star

Draw the Line

Triangles in Line

What's the Square's Side?

Parallelogram and Circles

Find the Angle

Stacking Cubes

Inner and Outer Angles

There's a Quick Solution

Is This Enough Information?

How Much Bigger?

Inconvenient Lengths

The Star Area

Overlapping Rectangles

All About That Base

Blue or Yellow?

Sum Them All!

Did Socrates Know Geometry?

Angle Hunt

This Square Has a Problem in It

When Semicircles Collide

Intersection Area

Striking Measure

Coffee Run

Pack 'Em In!

Compare the Areas

Sum These Segments

Sum of Squares

The Yellow Angle

Angle Interchange

Find the Blue Angle

Which Is Shaded More?

Two Triangles, One Trapezoid

So Many Triangles

Side by Side

A Triangle Nest

Too Far for School

The Rectangle's Ratios

Arcs Abound!

Yellow Plus Blue

Triangles in a Triangle

Diagonal Thinking

Across The Triangles

Rational or Irrational?

Angles Add Up

Similar Pieces

Find Length from Areas

Circles in Circles

Pentagon in a Rectangle

Broken Fan

Between Work and a Nice Place

Parallel Cut

What's the Difference?

A Quarter Off

A Triangle's Shadow

Split It Up

The Total Area

Bow and Arrow Angles

Changing Parallelograms


Square or Squares?

Grazing Goat

What Is the Shortest Distance?

Which Is Larger?

All Roads Lead to Nika

Ancient Area Approximations

Elephant Ears

Can You Optimize "Surface Area Jenga"?

A Different Sort of Pie Chart

Squaring a Circle?

Shrinking Triangles

Tilted Square

What Happens When Shapes Share?

Shaded Stars

Take Apart the Cube

The Yellow Triangle

Triangle, Rectangle, and Square

Compare the Areas

Circles and Triangles and Hexagons

Does the Tilt Change the Area?

Criss Cross Triangles

Not a Whole Circle

Can Area Reveal Volume?

Sandwiched Between

Hexagon Spirals

Roll Out the Area

They Don't Fit Nicely

Scaling Variables

Corner Connection

Trace as Much as You Can

Cut and Paint

Can Two Hexagons Make a Circle?

Circles and Triangles and Hexagons, Oh My!

Mirror Bounce

The Bicycle Detective

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Flex your skills with some quick and fun geometry puzzles.