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Gravitational Physics


Explore Newton's law of gravity and crack open its universe of consequences.


Here we lay out Newton's law of gravity and crack open the universe of consequences that spring from it. On the journey we'll come to understand planetary phenomena likes tides and atmospheres, the rich geometry of heavenly bodies and their motion, and the engineering considerations of space travel.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to code simulations to explore applied problems using Python, derive pieces of general relativity, and understand where Newton’s law starts to buckle.

What is this?
A collection of interactive quizzes that introduces Newton's theory of gravity and explores its consequences in depth. Each quiz is written by experts and guided by Brilliant's Principles for Learning.

Who is this for?
This course is for people looking to draw on their physics fundamentals to explore a theory of classical gravity that is still applied widely today, from orbital mechanics of satellites to the science of galactic collisions.

What should I know?
You’ll need an understanding of mathematics and physics at the level of Classical Mechanics.

What's inside?
About 50 quizzes, containing over 700 carefully crafted guided problems and explanations.


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