Math Fundamentals Puzzles

Flex your skills with some quick and fun math fundamentals puzzles.

Ten on the Grid

Find the Pattern

What Is This Sum?

Rectangle Multiplication

Rearrange the Dots Again

A Lil Goes a Long Way

Identity Boot Camp

Can You Figure Out Divisibility?

Gears and Ants

Checkered Cubes

Find the Missing Digits

Missing Multiples

Thousands of Candies!

What Could it B?

In Order or All at Once?

The Mysterious Age


Rearrange the Dots

How Much Faster Together?

Find the Value of A

Shortcut Comparisons

AW Times AW

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Two Wrongs Make a Right

Keeping the Calendar Correct

Can the Ants Rotate to Freedom?

Divisible by Three?

Turning Coffee into Theorem

Magic Beans

Can You Buy It?

What Is Love?

Wows and Meows

This Cryptogram Rhymes

Two Times Two is Three?

Palindrome Divisibility

LOL What?

What Comes Next?

Optimize for Two in a Row

More Than One Way

Let the Lass

Save Your Calculator

Choose Your Pours Wisely

Pouring Pond Water

Not Those Two

Pour It Out

Made to Measure

Bases and Places

Pour It Out

Color What the Diagonal Touches

Sick as a Dog

Color What the Diagonal Touches

How Long Before a Perfect Match?

Colossal Containers

How Much Water?

Hop Around the Circle

Getting Lines Crossed

Choose Your Volume

How Many Digits?

Where to Start?

Can 7 and 11 Make 5?

What's in the Middle?

A Unique Container

What Is GCD Times LCM?

0 to the 0

Senior Prank

Digital Roots

A Decanting Decision

Which is Larger?

Alien Clocks

Does It Ricochet Around Forever?

How Many Multiples of Nine?

Pour the Water

Perfectly Prime?

Money Changeup

How Many Trailing Zeros?

Odd or Even?

Save Your Energy

Divisibility Dilemma

The Short Pour

Choose Your Container Wisely

Where Does the Ball Land?

Don't Waste Water!

Sieve of Eratosthenes

Octopus Shuffle

Use What's Left Over

Vary the Volumes

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Flex your skills with some quick and fun math fundamentals puzzles.