Probability and Statistics Puzzles

Flex your skills with some quick and fun probability and statistic puzzles.

It's Dicey

In the Cards

Same or Different

Sock Hop

A Winning Combination

Random Numbers

Random Darts

Pigeonholed Numbers

Shopping for Socks

Spin to Win

On a Roll

Stylish Socks

Book Choices

Even Plates

Does the House Always Win?

Opportunities in 2021

Socks for Ramon

A BIG Conference

The Brilliant Hotel

BFF Queens

At Least Ten Dollars

How Many Marbles?

A Good Spot

Brilliant's PSotY

Wrong Seats

How's the Weather?

The Best Candidate

Colliding Ants

One More Flip

Did We Get It Right Accidentally?


Does the Bias Matter?

A Question About Three Questions

What Are the Odds?

A Test Question

Not Divisible

What Do Clouds Say About Rain?

Scam or Opportunity?

Binary Draw

Should You Spin Again?

Is Today Your Birthday?

Can You Win Big?

Who Gets There First?

Sekou the Waiter

Coins in Boxes

Random Robots

It Looks Streaky

Should You Stop Rolling?

Loaded Dice

Dice Wars

All Faces

Are We Due for a Change?

It's a Pity You're Losing

What Are the Odds?

Is It Fair Now?

Coin Pie?

Made-up Poker Hands

Advances in Wolf Fence Design

Move the Pips or Gain a Pip?

Non-transitive Dice

To Cut, or Not to Cut

Wandering Robots

Inverse Probabilities

Better Than Standard?

Random Robot Roaming

Trading Brillcoins

How Much Will You Win?

Chasing the Tail

Plenty of Fish in the Aquarium

Abandoned Dishes

One More Girl

Rolling Along

Getting Taller

That's a Fish Story

Quartile Controversy

Deceptive Circles

Something Fishy

Weighty Dogs

Where's the Median?

That's Mean!

How Worried Should You Be?

Which is Safer?

Melon in the Middle

Electing the Mayor

A Little Big Survey

Survey Participants

A Sporty Nation

It's a Boy!

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Flex your skills with some quick and fun probability and statistic puzzles.